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Page Eight by Anonymoux Page Eight by Anonymoux
I love drawing caves. It's so much fun!


Clumps of lionesses were sleeping everywhere, their faces and other body parts being illuminated by the small patches of light coming in from cracks in the cave ceiling. Taking a deep breath, he roared loudly, startling the lionesses.
“Geez Jabari…could’ve warned us…” a dirty-gold adolescent lioness grinned, shaking her head.
“That was your warning,” the king grinned, and took in another breath before releasing another roar, even louder than the first.
The lioness that had spoken before covered her ears with her paws, shooting Jabari a mock-death glare. Jabari laughed and led the four new members of his pride to the small group.
“You’ve met Tacita and Ashtyn, and now you can meet their daughters. Tacita’s two girls are Spotty and Zira,” he said, indicating the dirty-gold lioness with a dorsal stripe, and a darker dirty-blonde lioness with four dots lining the bottom of her left eye. “And Ashtyn’s daughter, Dotty,”

-inhales deeply- GASP!!! It's ZIRA, KILL HER NOW!! She's EVIL!!! Ah...but we don't know that. She doesn't even know it. She's only a teenager, and has only just heard of Scar.
And look, I know, in the TLK universe, Spotty and Zira might not actually be related, but this is my story, and what I say, goes.

Funny story actually, completely unrelated to this. I was sitting, uploading this, when my shoulder started feeling funny. So I pulled my sleeve up, but nothing seemed wrong. Then, I start hearing this mysterious 'tick, tick, tick' noise, and I'm like "Oh Noes, Pipe Bomb in my arm!"
So, I felt around my sleeve, while it was down, and felt this giant lump, and was like "OH NOES, A MONSTER IN MY SLEEVE!!"
Yeah, turned out to be some random bug.
Just thought I'd share my personal experiences with all of you - and kudos and a giant cookie to the people who get the reference inside that paragraph there XD
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January 15, 2010
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